Miscellaneous Projects

The Franken-camera

At the height of my interest in photography I was given what I thought was an awesome piece of mechanical workmanship. Now, how to make use of such a camera, in the days of digital photography?
My reprap 3D printer was the natural answer to such a conondrum. With the ability to create any 3D shape I want, I produced a mount that enable my Canon 600D to be mounted on the camera. The Linhof camera essentially becomes a (very large) macro lens.
Unfortunately due to the geometry of both cameras, its not possible to bring the sensor any closer to the focal flange of the Linhof Camera which makes it impossible to focus to infinity, however its perfectly possible to focus on very close things, which is perfect for macro photography.

3D Printed Projects

Lester the Rat (DOTA2 Courier)

This character was produced with the intention of submitting it to the DOTA2 workshop with the ultimate goal that it would be put in the game.