Portrait of author

My name is Paul Le Henaff I am originally from France but live in the UK. I enjoy honing my skills in the CG arts using, my tool of choice, Blender. During my time in an independent game development team I have produced art for several games which were released on XBox Live Arcade.

As an engineer by education, I also have a passion for designing and building things. Some of my projects can be viewed on this site.

Check out my blog where I regularly post works in progress and tips or whatever comes to mind relating to the world of all things CG!

Collaborative projects I have worked:
Role: (Current) Art Lead, 3D Artist Dreamtime
Role: Lead 2D artist Retro One & first expansion (XBox Live Arcade)
Role: Lead 2D artist Adventures of Sid (XBox Live Arcade)
Role: Web Developper, Graphic designer and Photographer Tiffin Bike website and promotional items and photography